So how does a virtual beer festival actually work?

Order your beers here by going to The Beer List – remember, each beer comes as TWO pints.

The more you order, the bigger your discount, there’s even freebies along the way (check them out below)

When ordering, specify the day you’d like to receive your beers on – remember it’s fresh cask ale, so there’s only two options – Wednesday 6th May or Thursday 7th May – this is so that the beer is completely fresh on dispatch and it can get to you in the best possible condition.

During the checkout process you’ll create an account allowing you to log back in to the site – this is so that if we need to publish some information only accessible by the festival “attendees” then we can keep it secure.

Remember – we can ship beer, overnight, to ANYWHERE in England, Wales and Scotland!



We dispatch the beers to you overnight via a specialised liquid courier. The next day, you take delivery, keep the beers cool and check out the programme and itinerary and get ready for your first virtual real ale beer festival!

Friday 8th May, 19:00hrs – log on to the exclusive, secret link for our live stream! We’ll be broadcasting beer chats and live music from three fantastic performers – all performing just for you!

As you watch, savour the beers, interact with us, enjoy the music on the live stream and have fun!

Check out these freebies

  • Order two or more beers and get a 10% discount voucher for our taproom bar – The Fork ‘n’ Ale Taproom & Kitchen in Weston-super-Mare
  • Order three or more beers (6 pints plus) – get a FREE commemorative ‘Armchair Beer Festival’ glass
  • Spend more than £40 and you’ll also get a FREE ticket worth £10 for our flagship beer and music festival (that’s a real event, not online – though we may live stream it in the future as well. Details TBC at a later date for obvious reasons.)
  • Spend more than £70 and you also get a FREE branded baseball cap!
Check out these freebies...



Deliveries are undertaken by our specialist liquids courier and will take place on Wednesday 6th May and Thursday 7th May, having been dispatched the night before.


Collections from the brewery can take place on Thursday 7th May and Friday 8th May and are done by booking in your click n collect slot at the time of order.



Why two pints of one beer and not one pint?

We had to strike a balance of cost of packaging, cost of beer and cost of dispatch. Out of the standard, ‘off the shelf’ packaging options available to us, the format of two pints ticked all boxes. Additionally, we’re finding more and more people want to resample a pint they’ve enjoyed or might be enjoying the beer / cider with a significant other.

How long will the beer last?

In order to enjoy the beer at it’s best, we recommend keeping the pouches cool (but not chilled) and then consuming the beer within four – five days of receipt. Please remember to drink responsibly too.

When do I need to order by to get delivery in time?

Orders cut off at midday on Monday 4th May, get your order in before then to ensure that there is stock of the beers you want.

Why is order cut off so soon?

Cask ale takes some love and preparation and on top of that there’s the logistics of pouring all those pints. We are preparing the beers over the weekend before, then taking final numbers from the midday 4th May cut off. This gives us time to put the beer up, let it settle overnight, vent it, tap it, fill your pouches and dispatch in time.

How do I pay?

Payment is here online via PayPal – it’s easy and secure, you can use a debit card or a credit card and you don’t even need a PayPal account either. Follow the instructions from the ‘Checkout’ and you’ll be done in now time, easy peasy!

Delivery charge of £8 is a bit steep, isn’t it?

We get ya. In order to make sure the beer arrives with you in the best possible condition, we have to use a specialist liquids courier. They’re expensive, but in a good way because they actually take care moving our beer about. Your beers will also be insured.

Additionally, we’re a small independent brewery too meaning we don’t have the volume and economies of scale that larger organisations do (but that means you’re going to be one of a select few actually enjoying the festival!). Incidentally, the delivery cost is actually higher than what you’re being asked to pay, we absorb some of that cost to make it easier for you to enjoy our beers.

What do I actually get in my pack?

You’ll receive all of the beers you ordered, 2 pints of each beer in a pouch, one pouch per beer. You’ll also receive your festival programme and then whatever freebies you have qualified for such as:

  • Fork ‘n’ Ale discount voucher (when you order two or more beers)
  • Commemorative festival glass (when you order three or more beers)
  • Free ticket to Brews, Blues & Barbecues (worth £10, when you spend £40 or more)
  • Free branded baseball cap (whilst stocks last, when you spend £70 or more)

Why only beers from Pitchfork Ales & 3D Beer?

We’re a small independent brewery, hit hard by Covid-19, all the pubs we supply to are closed. So we had to be creative in continuing our mission of getting great beer out to beer lovers. At the same time, with such a tight time restriction, we couldn’t source and ship quality guest beer in the time available. We had 14 different beers in stock so we’ve stuck nearly all of them on here for you to enjoy!

How can I be sure that the beer will travel well?

Casks are tapped early on the day of dispatch so the beer is fresh. We’re using 1.5 litre pouches (nearly 3 pints) and filling them with only the 2 pints quoted. The beer will be bright (ie, no need to settle as it’s been drawn off a settled cask, it is ready to drink on receipt). The pouches give room for expansion from any CO2 production in the beer and also allows us to expel any air from the pouch before sealing it. Thus meaning that the condition of the beer will be excellent on arrival.

We’ve performed tests sending beer out across the country via our specialist liquids courier. A few tweaks on what we do and how we do it along the way and we’ve got a system that works, meaning, we can ship you fresh real ale to your door, perfect!

Looks expensive per pint! How can you charge that much?

We not only have to charge for the beer but also the for the pouch it comes in and then the box that the pouch(es) are put inside in order to ship it to you. There’s a lot involved in getting freshly tapped cask ale to your door in less than 24 hours. However, every time you add a beer to your cart, you get a discount. Discounts go as far as some beers only costing £2.75 per pint!

Don’t forget – 20p of every pint sold goes to the NHS too, you drinking beer will help save lives!

Also, consider that you haven’t had to buy a ticket just to gain access and there’s no bus, taxi or train costs involved, you have three live performers and we’re giving away a ton of freebies then I think you’ll find that ‘Armchair Beer Festival’ is actually one of the best value festivals available – and in fact, in the middle of this pandemic – it’s the only real ale festival available!

Got any ciders?

We do indeed! A traditional scrumpy, a rhubarb and vanilla cider and also a mango cider. They’re delicious – check out The Beer List to see what’s available.

How does the ‘live stream’ work?

Full details will be announced ahead of the festival itself – this is a world first and we’re working hard in the background to make it happen. You’ll be sent a link via email. It’s all easy and widely used technology so will be literally just a click through to YouTube.

How do I get the freebies on offer?

Nice ‘n’ easy! As you qualify for each freebie it will automatically be added in to your basket. The value of the freebies will either show as ‘zero’ or there’ll be a discount applied at the checkout to make them free for you, happy days!

The free ticket to Brews, Blues & Barbecues… is that actually going ahead this year?

Our flagship beer and music festival is currently still scheduled for Saturday 11th July (it’s third year) and right now it’s still going ahead. We are making the decision in mid-May as to whether to run with the original date or to move it back in the year. Whatever the outcome of the decision, we’ll be running the event this year and the code you receive will allow you to book a ticket completely free of charge as a thank you for supporting us with this exciting new beer festival.

This isn’t the World’s first online beer festival! How can you claim that?

Technically, we’re not, Beer52 beat us to that, however, you couldn’t choose the beers that you wanted as it was a pre-selected pack of cans and bottles. The online stream, as entertaining as it was, was a interesting Q&A of the breweries involved.

A beer festival is about studying the “form” of the programme, choosing the beers you want, drinking them from your commemorative festival glass and enjoying some entertainment at the same time as enjoying the beer. What’s more, the overwhelming majority of beers at a beer festival are cask ale. We wanted to replicate the “real life” beer festival experience as closely as possible. So we’re the World’s first real ale beer festival, thumbs up 🙂 And we hope you’ll be a part of it too!